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Thursday, 9th July 2020

By Robin Neidorf


Jinfo offers a wide range of resources, including our latest Briefings, a confidential online service tailored to your needs and our Focus on Risk Assessment. Find out how we can help you in our latest newsletter.


Jinfo's customers tell us they know they need to work on risk, now more than ever, but finding the time to do so remains an aspiration rather than a reality.

Whether you care about information licensing, running an information service or both, our Focus on Risk Assessment:

  • Breaks complex areas into manageable, logical pieces
  • Provides practical guidance
  • Includes easy worksheet-based activities you can use to make progress.

Consider our Consulting on Risk Assessment to fast-track your progress, which offers:

  • Accountability: There's nothing like a deadline to ensure you make time for a well-defined activity

  • Fine-tuned guidance: During and after your assessment, you'll have discussion, coaching and feedback specific to your needs and environment

  • Industry-wide perspective: Your analyst brings insight we've gained through all the other information teams we've worked with.

You'll work with your Jinfo analyst through our newly crafted online learning platform - a tailored environment providing you with all the relevant activities and guidance you need to prepare for your sessions, store your work, and get written feedback.

Talk with us today about what's keeping you from making progress on your risk assessment - we can help you change that in a few short weeks:

Learn more about Consulting on Risk Assessment

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