Robin Neidorf Research update - Measure impact - analyse your value chain
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Thursday, 23rd July 2020

By Robin Neidorf


To demonstrate and improve value you need to be able to define it. Find out how Jinfo's Focus on Value Chain can help you measure, report and increase the value of your information team.


Measuring, reporting and increasing value is always top-of-mind for information teams.

Focus on Value Chain does what once looked impossible: It gives you a practical framework for analysing the value of information.

In crafting this Focus, we've broken down this challenging work into do-able elements. Here's your recipe to get started:

  1. Start working on the thought-provoking activities contained in the articles produced in this Focus
  2. Make time for our 30-minute Webinars (live or recorded) for practitioner guidance on how to complete them
  3. Join with peers in our Community sessions for a confidential discussion on how they work with and use value chain analysis to focus (and report) on impact.

Fast-track with Consulting on Value Chain

I won't sugar-coat it: analysing a value chain is challenging. It represents a new way of thinking for most information teams, and your first - or even second - efforts can be slow.

Consulting on Value Chain fast-tracks your progress on this business-critical analysis.

Your Jinfo analyst will:

  • guide you through a tailored programme of activities
  • help you fine-tune your results
  • work with you to develop an action plan to shape your operations, metrics and stakeholder relations around value.

Information is the lifeblood of organisations.

Whether your organisation values efficiency, innovation, risk management, repeat business, or new sales, nothing works well without the right information - and the expertise you have to make it available and useful.

Analyse your organisation's value chain, and make your contributions visible.

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