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5th May 2022

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[Focus: Value Chain]


The foundation of Value Chain Analysis requires you to shift your mindset to focus on a question that information teams are not accustomed to answering in detail: “What is the business trying to accomplish?”

Mastering this shift takes practice, feedback and – often – external perspective to get away from the way you’re used to looking at things in order to explore alternatives.

May's Community session provided a forum for practice, feedback and perspective amongst information leaders working on similar challenges.

During this session, we tackled Value Chain Analysis, Step 1 - Foundation. Using examples adapted from client projects and facilitated discussion, participants practised articulating their knowledge, analysing business activities, and identifying the questions requiring additional research with stakeholders.

Prior to the session, participants were asked to spend 30 minutes on Step 1 - Foundation, from Jinfo’s Focus on Value Chain:

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