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16th April 2020

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[Research Focus: Remote Teams]


The most important part of remote work is not the tools, but rather the people using those tools. Managing at a distance requires setting the correct expectations for everybody on the team and maintaining project visibility, without trying to micro-manage each individual activity.

In this community session we will address the key challenges in managing remote team, discussing:

  • How to set good norms for everyone on your team
  • Balancing work practices with individual preferences
  • Tips for managing at a distance.

This Jinfo Community session is open to any organisation with a Jinfo subscription. When your registration is approved, you will receive details to join the teleconference.


  • Thursday, 16th April 2020 at 08:00 Pacific / 10:00 Central / 11:00 Eastern / 16:00 (BST) / 17:00 Europe, 60 minutes.

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