Remote Information Teams

Remote Information TeamsIf you're newly remote, you may feel like you've been thrown into a mysterious culture where you sort of speak the language but sort of not.

Use Jinfo's Focus on Remote Information Teams to become fluent.

Our research-based resources identify and help you master the many details of remote working -- tools, processes, roles and communication -- that make remote more than a "second-best" option.

Your information service can run better than ever by learning, adopting and adapting best practices in remote work.

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"Remote" is not a second-best option - it's increasingly the best (or only) option.

The most important part of making it work is not the tools but the people using them. Jinfo enables you and your team to develop the skills and awareness to make remote operations run as smoothly as in-person operations:

  • Define roles for managers and team members in a remote environment
  • Set (flexible) rules and norms
  • Improve communication and transparency for each other and for customers
  • Transition from in-person to remote and back again
  • Get the right people doing the right things.

Results: Strengthened team connections and morale. Improved delivery of services. Full activation of the benefits of remote working. Spot potential problems before they blow up.

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Getting to grips with remote working? Jinfo resources help you make the shift and get the best out of remote tools:

  • What are the essentials?
  • How do you make the most of what you already have?
  • Embed tools in operations - they are not an afterthought
  • Getting beyond the basics
  • Recipe documentation to enhance your use of tools

Results: Resilient operations that function as well remotely as they do in person. Optimised operations for in-person as well as remote work.

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Jinfo Research ConsultingInformation services and functions can (and should) be placed in many parts of the business. Success depends on understanding how to optimise the configuration in your organisation.

Jinfo Consulting assesses your environment against our benchmarks and recommends areas of skill, operations, stakeholder engagement and partnership to strengthen your value and visibility for the business, and future-proof your service.

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