Jinfo Event Assessing risks of staff and services - What's strategic? What's healthy?
Jinfo Event

26th May 2020

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[Focus: Risk Assessment]


How do you highlight key risk areas in your information team management and service delivery? Jinfo's Focus on Risk Assessment demonstrates how to assess and mitigate the risks connected to staff and service, by addressing how information managers communicate and collaborate with their team and their clients.

Participants in this Community session reviewed Jinfo's articles, "Risk assessment on information service quality" and "Risk assessment on information team management", and then came together to discuss the degree to which they:

  • Have the right visibility over projects and outcomes
  • Have all the right skills for your work
  • Are communicating with clients and team members in the best way

To get insight and ideas from this past session, download the report linked below, which includes (anonymised) notes from the discussion. You'll learn how your peers are tackling the areas and what the common concerns are.

Community sessions are open to any organisation with a Jinfo Subscription. Register for future Community sessions so that you can take part in the discussion first hand.

Slide presentation and notes

This event has passed, and a recording and/or slide deck is available for customers with access to Content and Community.

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