Robin Neidorf Research update - what matters most to smart information managers
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Thursday, 21st January 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Move into 2021 with a Jinfo Subscription. Jinfo offers a wide range of resources on the state of the information industry, including information strategy, value chain analysis, content purchasing and licensing.


What matters most to smart information managers eyeing their strategy, capacity and marketplace options for the coming year?

Here are two key points to consider:

1. Value, value, value

Measure it, manage it, communicate it, strengthen it:

  • Make your starting point Jinfo's Focus on Value Chain - with a Jinfo Subscription you can start working today on our practical activities to help you develop a measurable approach to demonstrating value.

  • Or talk with us about a Consulting Pilot on Value Chain to fast-track the process with tailored assistance from a Jinfo analyst.

2. Strategic portfolio management

Manage the forest, not just the individual trees. Your content portfolio should demonstrably tie to your organisation's goals:

  • Jinfo's Focus on Content Portfolio uniquely supports your expertise in information and data licensing. In addition to product reviews, vendor research and marketplace overviews, we offer the best forum for dialogue with other professionals responsible for this unusual area of expertise.

  • Your Jinfo Subscription gives you access to our Community sessions, where you can share ideas with other licensing professionals.

Create your future

In a recent consultation with a client, I reminded them:

"Don't describe the current state of information; invent the future of information."

If you're ready to invent your future, contact us today.

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