Robin Neidorf Research update - aspiring to “strategic”? You’re in good company
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Thursday, 18th February 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Complete Jinfo’s self-assessment worksheet to help you increase your value, negotiate from a position of strength and be more strategic about content portfolio management.


“Becoming more proactive and strategic about content portfolio management” is one of the most common goals our customers tell us they have. 

Jinfo’s simple self-assessment worksheet can focus your attention on what “strategic” could mean for you and your organisation:

  • Increased value and ROI
  • Strengthened negotiating positions
  • Improved communication with your stakeholders.

Start the conversation with us by sending your completed worksheet to (or use the contact form) and we will:

  • Prepare a quick-start guide on the Focus on Content Portfolio resources in your Jinfo Subscription that are most relevant to you 
  • Help you make the case for working with Jinfo Consulting to fast-track your journey and ensure measurable results.

Stepping back from the transactional (and often urgent) details to work on the big picture is one of those things that we all want more of.

Jinfo’s done the heavy lifting to design the processes and frameworks that enable you to become more strategic. It’s all adaptable and waiting for your unique touch.

Complete the self-assessment today »

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