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Thursday, 23rd September 2021

By Stephen Phillips


Are you budgeting for 2022 yet? The internal discussions can be the trickiest, especially in the face of rising prices. Jinfo’s Consulting on Content Portfolio helps customers create a clear information investment philosophy stakeholders can understand.


Many Jinfo clients are deep into budgeting, as they plan for the end of the calendar year. They tell us they anticipate the "perfect storm":

  • 2022 will be a challenging financial environment
  • Flexible licensing agreements to accommodate short-term changes in working patterns are crystallising into long-term requirements
  • Vendors that "shared their clients' pain" during the crisis are now looking to increase their revenues.

Essential to navigating this storm is your relationship with your internal stakeholders. Do they understand the commercial value and impact of the content portfolio on their ability to achieve their business goals?

Our Consulting on Content Portfolio projects may start from questions about negotiating position, usage reporting or closer understanding of user requirements. But they inevitably involve creating a clear information investment philosophy that resonates with senior-level stakeholders.

A client reflected this back to us in a wrap-up call for a recently completed project. Initially, the primary goal of the project was to reset the vendor relationship around realised value. She told us:

"I can now sit down with my stakeholders and articulate how [licensed information] affects different workflows and the value they produce. That's something that has really resonated with them and has led to a different type of conversation – a more valuable and targeted conversation."

If you'd like to reshape those internal conversations, talk with us about Consulting on Content Portfolio and explore what your own transformation can look like.

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