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Monday, 27th September 2021

By Susan Gleckner


As an information manager, do you find your time squeezed? Jinfo’s Centre of Excellence framework offers relief. Clients report that within an hour, sessions on Pillars of Service give them the breathing space to create logical structures for high-end, customer-oriented services.


A recent client workshop for a Consulting on Centre of Excellence project covered a number of practical insights that resonated with my years of experience managing information research strategy and operations for a global R&D organisation:

  • Expertise tends to grow around what the need is
  • You have to know what your services are in order to sell them
  • As a busy team leader, it is essential that you give yourself the mental space to be in a single role at any given time – e.g., when you are managing the service, rather than delivering the service.

We were working with this client on the Pillars of Service activity (step two in the process outlined in our Focus on Centre of Excellence).

In about an hour, they absorbed these important points on the whys and hows of strategy.

The same hour gave them the time they needed to create a logical structure for high-value, customer-oriented services.

I know from my own experience how hard it is to make time for strategy and planning. The Focus on Centre of Excellence helps you make the most of whatever time you have, by giving you proven activities for practical benefit. Consulting on Centre of Excellence carves out the time to make it happen.

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