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Wednesday, 29th September 2021

By Robin Neidorf


You CAN make the value of information visible and measurable, and we invite you to try it: Tell us one challenge you face in making your case for value, and we’ll talk you through the Value Chain solution that will address it.


"I never before fully appreciated the role the information service plays in R&D productivity and innovation. This isn't something that benefits our department; this is something that benefits the whole of R&D."

A client said these words to me at the conclusion of a Consulting on Value Chain project.

She got more than a deliverable – she got a critical shift in thinking. And, if she keeps her analysis up to date, her department's services will naturally evolve in tandem with changes in R&D strategy itself.

This isn't unique to information teams that support R&D – replace it with your priority customers in business development, account engagement, strategy, etc. – and the statement is still true.

Value Chain analysis benefits the customer by connecting information with business goals.

Here's my invitation to you: Tell me about one challenge you are currently trying to resolve for your information service. In a short conversation, we can explore how Value Chain analysis can create a more effective framework to enable you to address it – and then to use that framework whatever new challenges come your way.

Complete the enquiry form today, or contact me at to start the conversation.

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