Consulting on Value Chain
Focus on Value Chain

Focus on Value Chain

Show how informations services and investments contribute to efficiency, innovation, and generating revenue for your organisation.

Through Consulting on Value Chain, you will work with a Jinfo analyst to

  • Analyse the steps in the "chain" that bring the most value
  • Articulate your contribution to each step in that chain
  • Develop the data and language to communicate your value to stakeholders and suppliers

Through Consulting on Value Chain, solve the age old problem of demonstrating ROI.

How it works

Jinfo will design a tailored consulting project for you, including:

Benefits of Jinfo Consulting

Accountability: There's nothing like a deadline to ensure you make time for a well-defined activity
Fine-tuned guidance: During and after your assessment, you'll have discussion, coaching and feedback specific to your needs and environment
Industry-wide perspective: Your analyst brings insights we've gained through all the other information teams we've worked with.
  • Your confidential online learning environment with hand-selected activities, guidance and templates
  • A schedule of online workshops for completing activities
  • Final written recommendations for priorities, next steps and further support.

Jinfo's Consulting on Value Chain enhances the resources available in the Focus on Value Chain.

Focus on Value Chain

"I can now sit in a meeting with my stakeholders and articulate the role information plays in their workflows. They understand our contribution to their success."

Information Senior Scientist, heavy manufacturing industry

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Robin Neidorf, Director of Research"I'm Robin Neidorf, Director of Research for Jinfo.

Please contact me to discuss your priorities for your Value Chain analysis."

Robin Neidorf

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