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2nd August 2023

By Stephen Phillips


The Jinfo news and current awareness survey is now available. Our GenAI coverage continues with a new article and a Q&A with three industry experts. Sign up for our September Community session on talent and to contribute to our next research project on competitive intelligence in pharma and bioscience. 


News and current awareness survey report

Our “News and current awareness report 2023”, is now available, and the data clearly illustrates:

  • The information function is more aligned with their stakeholders and revenue generating teams than ever before
  • Their skills are being more effectively leveraged to consult and advise on news and current awareness services
  • Self-service has increased, but still has room for growth
  • There is a “flight to quality” for reliable news sources
  • Free news sources are good enough, in some scenarios.

It's been three years since we published this research and the results provide very clear perspectives on how this critical function has evolved through the pandemic. 

Read the full report.


GenAI - how are vendors responding?

We have received fantastic feedback following the recent Community session “The impact of AI – how are vendors responding?”, with one attendee remarking:

“Wow!  It’s crazy how this is changing our world so quickly.  I am not on top of things at all with AI… but this helped bring me up to speed”. 

Three suppliers already embracing GenAI gave us a fascinating, if slightly scary, insight into the future potential of GenAI for information publishers and consumers.

One remarked during the session:

“There will be a scenario where most junior and middle level knowledge roles are no longer needed, but what does this mean for people’s careers?

It seems inevitable that in the future, new entrants to the workforce will not only be competing with one another, but also with these technologies to secure their first role”.

You can catch up now by:


Managing the talent pipeline & succession - September Community

With those remarks ringing in our ears, we are preparing our September Community session - “Managing the talent pipeline & succession”.

Hélène Russell will offer some insights from her recent research, and facilitate a discussion about staff retention, succession planning, and strategies for mitigating the risk and cost of knowledge loss through attrition.

Register now.


Competitive intelligence in pharma and bioscience

We are currently exploring a research project into how CI functions are organised: their activities, the skills and training needed, and how CI databases and vendors contribute to this work.

If you’re in pharma and bioscience, you should have received an invitation to participate. If you haven’t, please email and we’ll send you the details.



Finally, do check out my latest monthly update on YouTube, which includes snippets from the GenAI discussion, and follow us on LinkedIn.

I’m always available for a conversation about the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription and Jinfo Consulting too.

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