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Wednesday, 18th April 2012

By Robin Neidorf


Organisations are suddenly focused on getting content onto their workers' mobile devices. Recent FreePint Research demonstrates a lot of activity around pilot projects... so why do so many organisations think that because they only have a pilot project they are "behind the curve"? Get real, research-based perspective by participating in Benchmarking on Mobile Deployment.


Over the past two years, FreePint Research has had in-depth interviews with dozens of information managers about how to get content onto the mobile devices of their knowledge workers.

Among the most interesting results of the most recent FreePint Research Report: Enterprise Market for Mobile Content 2012 was the emerging trend (okay, make that "surge") of active pilot projects. Even information managers who reported a year ago that they did not anticipate meaningful action around mobile content in the near future were, almost to their own surprise, reporting pilot projects underway in a variety of business areas.

How quickly things change. In fact, recent conversations with key research and innovation staff at Dow Jones informed me that in some organisations, tablet computers are rapidly replacing laptops, far faster than laptops replaced desktops.

We "only" have a pilot project

With each new discussion with an information manager, I frequently find myself having a private chuckle at a consistent comment:

"I know we're behind the curve on this.... we only have a pilot project at the moment."

Or some variation thereof.

With all the development, comment in trade publications, buzz and urgency around mobile deployment, everyone seems to think that his or her organisation is the laggard. And yet after aggregating information from a wide range of sources, it's clear: A single pilot project in action or even in the planning stages, is the curve. Organisations at that stage are right where they ought to be.

Benchmarking value

That ability to aggregate and reflect back to organisations what an entire peer group is doing is the key value offered by the benchmarking projects offered by FreePint Research. A consistent, methodological data collection and analysis process helps us view the industry in toto, rather than on an anecdotal basis.

Participating organisations can then gain meaningful perspective on where they really stand – what are their strengths relative to their peers, and where can they learn from what others have already tried?

That's one reason why FreePint Research is now actively inviting participation in Benchmarking on Mobile Deployment. This is a critical area of operations, which is setting the stage for the next evolution in information strategy. Organisations need this perspective to better understand their strengths, needs and potential next actions around:

  • Project status
  • Staff involvement
  • Budget
  • Internal authority
  • Device usage
  • Key challenges like security and authentication

We make it easy

We've designed this project tomake it easy to participate. Submit data via online form, or we'll gather it through a confidential interview – your preference. A small participation fee covers a global license to the FreePint Research Report: Benchmarking on Mobile Deployment (scheduled for publication in June 2012), a custom report comparing your organisation's information to the full dataset and a copy of the FreePint Research Report: Enterprise Market for Mobile Content 2012 for global usage.

Complete the online order form to get started.


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