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Friday, 27th February 2015

By Robin Neidorf


Join FreePint's March webinar, open to all, which discusses essential questions around news and presents key findings from FreePint's recent Topic Series "News, and Beyond". You'll come away with practical next steps to help you identify and assess your current position and future strategy around news.


FreePint's Topic Series "News, and Beyond" ran from October to December 2014 and examined in-depth how what used to be a single category of content - "news" - has morphed into at least two areas of concern: current awareness, and in-depth research. Whilst these sometimes overlap, they often have very different sources, requirements and objectives. 

Join Our Webinar

Our free 20-minute webinar presents highlights from the series, including:

  • Why suppliers are raising prices 
  • How the marketplace has fundamentally changed, regardless of which supplier(s) you are using 
  • What risks you face when you move the conversation about news from "what?" to "why?", and how to manage those risks effectively.

I'll be presenting this 20-minute session at a variety of times and dates to support your participation, from wherever in the world you are located. Following delivery of the entire series, a recording will be available. However, we encourage registration to ensure you personally receive the materials and have an opportunity to ask questions in real time.

This essential event raises practical questions you can take back to your desk to assess your position and strategy with regard to news, now and in the future. 

Open to all; no FreePint Subscription is required. Register now

Times (GMT):

  • Monday 2nd March at 15:00 (GMT)
  • Monday 2nd March at 23:00 (GMT)
  • Tuesday 3rd March at 19:00 (GMT)
  • Wednesday 11th March at 17:00 (GMT)
  • Thursday 12th March at 10:30 (GMT)
  • Thursday 12th March at 20:30 (GMT)

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