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Monday, 7th March 2016

By Graham Southorn


Our product review of LexisNexis Newsdesk involved thorough scrutiny of sources, technology and value. Find out more.


When it comes to information providers, few are bigger than LexisNexis. Indeed, its Nexis product came second only to Dow Jones Factiva in our 2015 survey of primary news products.

Also included in that survey was Newsdesk. It's now a LexisNexis product after the company acquired its developer, Moreover Technologies, in 2014. And Newsdesk is the focus of Jinfo's latest product review.

Marriage Made in Heaven

As we reported in our mini review back in 2013, Newsdesk was one of the pioneers in aggregating content from web-based sources and social media. Now it's been bolstered by copious sources of licensed news and business information from LexisNexis.

So how might you use all that information? Among other things, it enables you to find out what all those sources are saying about your product, or a competitor's, as well as keeping on top of trends and monitor perception of a brand.

Market research consultant Jan Knight put the tool through a thorough testing process for our latest review and explains, "Media monitoring in general, and Newsdesk specifically, allows users to be so much more aware of what's happening around them. Compared to traditional press-clipping services, this tool helps to 'tell a story' about what is important."

Ways to Share

On top of all that information, there are plentiful ways of sharing information from Newsdesk.

Saved searches can be exported in a variety of formats, including HTML for embedding in websites, and there's the option to integrate with mobile apps such as Flipboard and Evernote. 

You can also send newsletters, which can be customised by changing colours and heading sizes and creating a table of contents.

Find Out More

Newsdesk is clearly a strong offering already, and LexisNexis plans to further develop its analytics, content aggregation and mobile app in 2016.

To find out more, including what provided our reviewer with the "wow factor", and to read our discussion of competitor products, read the full Product Review of LexisNexis Newsdesk.

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