Graham Southorn Jinfo Reviews Euromonitor Competitor Analytics - a Unique Tool for FMCG Data
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Tuesday, 29th March 2016

By Graham Southorn


Our product review of Competitor Analytics highlights how this unique tool draws on the data in Euromonitor's Passport to analyse interrelated FMCG industry data across 80 countries.


For anyone working on mergers and acquisitions, in-depth information is key. Whether it's large companies looking at purchasing opportunities or auditors performing due diligence, data can make or break a deal.

In the field of Fast Moving Consumer Goods, there's a tailormade tool for the task in the form of Competitor Analytics from Euromonitor International. The tool is the subject of the latest Product Review for Jinfo by business researcher Sophie Alexander.

Launched two years ago, Competitor Analytics is an add-on for Euromonitor's Passport database, which Sophie reviewed for Jinfo in 2013. Taking its data from Passport, Competitor Analytics covers 25,000 companies in 17 industries, which include hot drinks, packaged food, pet care, and consumer electronics.

Cross-Industry Perspective 

For some categories there's data from as many as 80 countries, writes Sophie. "The quality and quantity of information available in Competitor Analytics is impressive and unique, as I am unaware of any other product that offers this type of interrelated industry data."

Whereas Passport already provides in-depth analysis, Competitor Analytics excels in providing cross-industry perspective. "Such perspective is especially important for larger multinationals that are present in many country/category combinations and playing across several different FMCG industries," explains Sophie.

She adds, "One of Competitor Analytics' unique selling points is that it systematises company sales across thousands of country-category combinations to produce an elegant overview of a company's competitive landscape in one visual. This allows organisations to assess competitive landscape in a transparent fashion, and understand where and why competitive pressures are increasing or decreasing."

Visualising Data

Competitor Analytics is especially strong when it comes to visualising the data. So-called "overlap matrices" show you how a company compares to its competitors, writes Sophie. "The small overlapping boxes in the top right represent each company's size and how strategically important market overlap is for each."

What's more, powerful filters enable you to discern the cause of a company's performance. "You can filter by growth and decline to see which countries or categories have been responsible for the company's growth," she adds.

Find Out More

There's plenty more to come from Competitor Analytics. 

For the full review, including more details on product developments such as more niche product categories and a boost to the number of companies covered, read the full Product Review of Euromonitor Competitor Analytics.

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