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Friday, 29th July 2016

By Norma Beavers


Jinfo has just published a product review of Avention's revamped flagship offering, OneSource. Find out what we think of the latest content enhancements in this global company information platform, how it works and whether OneSource could add value for users.


Avention's OneSource platform is attracting interest across multiple industries including banking, insurance, high-tech companies and law firms, to name just a few. And it's easy to see why.

Jinfo has just carried out a new in-depth product review of OneSource platform (Subscriber content), following our 2014 review shortly after the initial launch. As the new review demonstrates, OneSource, from global B2B company information service specialist Avention, can now help users to increase revenue as it identifies potential new customers while also flagging up business opportunities around existing clients.

Since December company records on OneSource have shot up from 25 million to over 38 million companies and almost 58 million contacts. "The company is working to expand company records to over 50 million and contact records to over 70 million in Q3 2016," explains our reviewer, Chris Porter. Profile data is updated weekly while news content is updated continuously.

Chris explains that OneSource can improve the way sales and marketing departments target customers. Another value driver that he highlights is OneSource's ability to help users prevent revenue loss by identifying at-risk companies.

New features on show

Chris explains, "A notable new feature since the previous review of the product is the availability of a 'financial health' display for quoted companies, highlighting performance on key measures compared to the year-earlier quarter, and looking at one-year, three-year and five-year growth or decline trajectories for annual results."

OneSource offers "very many nice usability features" one of which is the "find matching contacts" button on the company results list. Hitting this button produces a list of contacts associated with the companies. By clicking on the navigation panel users "can invoke further criteria and quickly narrow down the list of matching contacts to match your interests", Chris writes.

Find out more

For a complete overview of OneSource's coverage of quoted and private companies and how its highly structured data and financial histories could be of value to you, read the full product review of OneSource platform.

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