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Wednesday, 10th May 2017

By Leigh Walters


My Favourite Tipples are shared by Leigh Walters, managing director of Priory Solutions, whose products include ResearchMonitor, Quest and SmartRecharge. He shares his favourite online tools from legal news to travel tips.


I recently joined Priory Solutions, shortly after we became part of TRG (formerly known as The Roberts Group). The resources I've chosen are those which help me to cement relationships in the field of spend and online resource management, keep on top of commercial news and in touch with developments in our core market sectors.

  • The Times - Corporate Subscription: To stay up-to-date with the latest business news, I don't think there is a better resource than The Times. I use the app so I can download content and catch up with everything on the tube or on a plane when I have no wifi.
  • Dewey B Strategic: Taking on the role of managing director at Priory Solutions has been a steep learning curve as our primary audience is the legal industry, law librarians in particular, and this was an unknown market to me. Dewey B Strategic is an award-winning blog by thought leader and information professional, Jean O' Grady of DLA Piper. Not only are her pieces entertaining, they've provided me with an invaluable insight into this niche.
  • LinkedIn: It's an obvious one, but I don't think there is an online resource that I use more. It's great for networking and keeping in touch with colleagues or clients. I subscribe to a lot of groups, particularly ones in the FinTech space as they keep me apprised of market trends and provide a supportive environment for learning and sharing ideas.
  • Around Me: I've always travelled a lot with work and this app has been a lifesaver on many occasions! It's really simple to use and fast, which is great when I have to find somewhere for an impromptu meeting or when I'm absolutely starving and in unknown territory.

For fun:  

  • The Nudge: Living in London is great, but with work commitments and family life, it's difficult to stay in tune with everything that's going on. Or at least it was, until I discovered The Nudge. Now I'm fully informed about the latest things to do in the city, whether it's pop-ups, exhibitions or a new restaurant opening. And my kids think I'm slightly less uncool...

An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting:

  • I found the recent "Market landscape - information sources in investment banks" in Jinfo to be particularly useful. It describes the options with regard to research aggregation products of interest to investment banks, a growing client base for us. With more and more services and information being accessed online, aggregation products are gaining popularity and we need to ensure our products can work with them and provide the same level of usage insights. We also hear a lot about the upcoming Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID II), where we are looking to play a role in commission unbundling, and this article provided some useful pointers.

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