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Thursday, 10th January 2019

By Clara Cabrera


My favourite tipples are shared by Clara Cabrera, Research & Reference Supervisor and SLA Co-Convener of the Diversity, Inclusion, Community & Equity (DICE) Caucus. She outlines sources that cover social justice and LIS.


As a librarian in a fast-paced legal profession, I have challenging days meeting our attorneys' legal research needs and balancing the responsibilities of supervising a strong team of researchers with all levels of experience and research skill.

Equally challenging and gratifying is the work of giving voice to inclusive efforts within our profession. Along the way, I have come across a few resources that keep me aware of the work of so many colleagues who are making their voices heard and showing the work that is necessary for nurturing diversity and inclusion in our profession.

I listen to podcasts that discuss current issues of social justice and internally examine how those issues play out within LIS. I also listen to some librarian podcasts but I am not aware of too many of these that have the specific goal of discussing the intersection of LIS and social justice.

  • Library Bytegeist: While also not focused on social justice in libraries alone, this podcast does a great job of doing short, but in-depth, coverage of select topics in our profession. A great episode to listen to is #15 "Classifying Books, Classifying People". This provided a brief, interesting, and investigatory discussion of the "power and pitfalls of classifying".
  • Boom! Lawyered: I recently started listening to legal social issues on this podcast from Rewire.News to get a deep dive into current issues from a legal point of view. To hear the point of view of an organisation that examines major news media itself and what it may have missed in its reporting, I listen to CounterSpin from Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting (FAIR).

For fun:

  • Comics Explained: In the last few years, I have got into comic books and graphic novels. Since I am decades behind any real depth of knowledge in this area, for the quick history of storylines I like this YouTube channel by Rob Jefferson. Rob's coverage of the "Green Lantern: Blackest Night" led me to my Mera/Red Lantern costume for this year's NY Comic Con!

An article in Jinfo I found particularly interesting:

  • Materials on Jinfo are helpfully tagged by category. While I find the articles by Andrew Lucas in the Company Sources category interesting, most recently I really enjoyed reading through the comparative report on visualisation resources titled, "Market landscape - business intelligence and data visualisation platforms". I have been wanting to get more skills in this area, and this report provides a good entry point to the resources that are currently on the market.

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