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Monday, 14th January 2019

By Robin Neidorf


Do you have a strategy and vision for using data strategically and effectively? Do you feel on top of the move from purchasing information products to licensing data sources? Read our blog from Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, to find out how Jinfo resources and events can help.


How do we manage the shift in focus from purchasing information products to licensing data sources?

This is one of the most consistent questions raised during Jinfo's one-on-one and group discussions with professionals responsible for content purchasing.

It may be expressed in a number of different ways. A few examples that may resonate with you:

  • What should we expect from vendors regarding terms and conditions for licensing data?

  • Why are vendors all over the map with their approach to data licensing?

  • My usual sources are incompatible with our data systems (or too expensive, or otherwise unusable in a data-first environment); where do we find viable alternatives?

  • My stakeholders want to use data from a source we can't license (or can't afford, or duplicates something we already have); how do I educate them?

And, of course, most of you are in organisations that lack their own central strategy and vision for how they want to use data strategically and effectively. Which makes it extremely difficult to know which questions are mission-critical for you to answer, and which are simply anxiety-provoking.

What you can do right now as a content purchaser

Your role as a source expert has never been more important than it is in this environment. What's more, in this evolving world, it's essential to be pooling information and experiences with other information professionals. Here are our best tips for conquering the learning curve and influencing the environment for data usage and licensing:

  • Study real-world examples: the more specific you (and your stakeholders) can get about what you want to achieve with data, the easier it is to make licensing decisions. Recent Jinfo articles discuss technology changes in the legal, pharmaceutical and manufacturing industries, offering real-world examples of data usage (among other things). 

  • Master the framework for success: many organisations approach data-driven projects without a strong foundation in how to make technology-driven projects demonstrably successful (as in... show me the ROI). Examine the "Jinfo model - mapping technology readiness" to identify where you fit in the continuum, and consider ways to close the gap between current state and ideal state.

  • Join a Community session with other content purchasers: our confidential online sessions offer unique opportunities to discuss your challenges and headaches with others just like you. Our next Jinfo for content purchasing Community session gives you a much-needed hour for a sanity-check and fresh ideas from your peers. These fill up, so register now.

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