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Wednesday, 3rd July 2019

By Claire Laybats


How can you use the data from Jinfo's benchmarking research to move your organisation forward?


Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformationJinfo's newly updated benchmarking data provides unmatched insights on information services, team capacity, internal customers and strategy. Our data provides you with the foundation for:

  • Strategic planning, whether an adjustment or an overhaul
  • Recent or imminent reorganisation
  • Adaptation to new leadership or organisational goals
  • Stakeholder communication around capacity (new headcount, anyone?), future needs and risks around information.

Tailored reports based on your peer group

It turns out that reporting structure is the best leading variable for determining a benchmarking peer group, followed by industry, range of services and team capacity. We use these datapoints to create the most meaningful peer groups for you, then develop a tailored report showing your alignments, gaps and opportunities compared with your peer group.

On completing the process, one information manager told us:

"The whole assessment process was valuable. Even the survey questions highlighted gaps and opportunities in our service. ... It's great to see places where we are in alignment with the majority of our peers. However, more meaningful are the areas where we are out of step with most information teams. The assessment results highlight the most valuable areas for us to focus on in the short term and provide a useful framework for discussions with stakeholders."


Get started today

Purchase a Jinfo Consulting "Assessment and planning workshop". This includes a tailored benchmarking report, plus an online workshop for you and your team to review results with a Jinfo analyst and develop priorities for putting the results to work.


Purchase by 30th September 2019 for additional free benefits

For a limited time, you can get a free follow-up workshop on strategic design and development of the right services for your team. Simply order an assessment and planning workshop by 30th September 2019, and you'll also get:

  • Background materials on Jinfo's "pillars of service" insights
  • 75-minute workshop session with a Jinfo analyst to develop your pillars of service
  • Follow-up report including recommendations, links to additional resources, and next steps.

Start the conversation today by completing our online form, or contact me directly at

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