Claire Laybats
Head of Commercial Development

Claire has over 16 years" experience working in the information and knowledge sector. In addition to her responsibilities for managing all commercial relationships at Jinfo she is also commissioning editor at Business Information Review. In the past she worked recruiting for information vendors and publishers then moved on to managing training and events for TFPL before becoming Head of Information and Knowledge consultancy for TFPL.

Claire is an experienced interviewer and project manager. She has worked on a number of wide ranging research, information and knowledge management projects in both the private and public sectors. Projects have included: library reviews, knowledge transfer projects for organisations losing a significant part of their long term workforce through redundancy or re-structure and relocation, taxonomy and search projects for large multinationals. She has worked with management and director level in libraries, information departments and knowledge centres in professional services, central government, manufacturing, publishing and public sector bodies. She holds an MSc in Business Systems Analysis and Design from London City University and a diploma in recruitment practice from the Recruitment Employment Confederation.

Claire can be contacted at

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