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Wednesday, 11th September 2019

By Claire Laybats


With benchmarking, the context of data is just as important as the numbers and with Jinfo's valuable benchmarking data we can help you communicate more effectively with stakeholders and customers or find out how our Consulting workshops can help you tailor our insights to your unique situation.


Benchmarking data can be one of the most valuable tools for getting stakeholders on board as you plan for the future. Who wouldn't want data demonstrating how they compare with a peer group as a foundation for strategy and operational planning?

But benchmarking can be misunderstood - the context of the data is just as important as the numbers themselves.

The resources, insights and potential of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation" provide both data and context:

  • Focus on "first things first" - which for benchmarking means reporting structure. There's a reason reporting line is the first thing we at Jinfo ask about information teams to understand what they're up against (learn more in Insight 1 here)

  • Other data - team capacity, range of services, which customers - are critical. But you can't get what you need from benchmarking unless you are capturing the right data in your own operations (learn more in Insight 2 here)

  • Do you dream about measuring impact instead of counting things? Your dream is in reach, and Jinfo can get you started (see Insight 3 here).

Make the most of our valuable benchmarking data to map your future and communicate effectively with stakeholders, customers and partners. All resources in the Research Focus are available with your Jinfo Subscription.


Make it yours with Jinfo Consulting

Jinfo Consulting's workshop for assessment and planning tailors these insights to your unique situation. You'll get a custom benchmarking report, followed by a planning workshop to interpret and build on the data to develop strategy, service improvements, or even major realignments.

Then continue with one of our other popular workshops to support your next steps, or we can tailor a consulting project to the specific areas you want to work on.

Benchmarking on its own can tell you "what?" - Jinfo Consulting can help you with "now what?"

Contact me to discuss your needs.

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