Robin Neidorf Research update - Name that risk... and do something about it
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Thursday, 30th April 2020

By Robin Neidorf


Whilst most teams are currently coping well on a day-to-day basis, there are still many risk factors that need to be taken into account. Find out how Jinfo's risk assessments can help you understand and tackle any challenges head on.


If I were to summarise the most common statement our customers have made in the dozens of conversations I've had with them in the past three weeks, it would be thus: "We're doing okay on the day-to-day. But if anything else happens, we've got problems."

What's "anything else"? These days, there's a lot:

  • Team members could get ill
  • Critical information platforms could go down due to surges in remote use
  • The business might need to pivot in as-yet-unexpected ways
  • Information suppliers may make surprising decisions...or disappear from the marketplace.

Risk assessment is not anyone's favourite thing to work on. It often falls in the category of "I know we should do this, but there are too many other urgent things today."

Well, now it's urgent.

Jinfo Consulting offers assessments, including risk assessments, to start the process by breaking it down into manageable pieces and providing you with a knowledgeable Jinfo analyst who probes, challenges and keeps you on track despite the ever-filling email inbox.

Learn more about assessments, and complete the form on that page to talk with us about what you need.

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