Robin Neidorf Research update - Information teams in times of uncertainty
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Thursday, 9th April 2020

By Robin Neidorf


Whether or not you're new to remote working, Jinfo has a wide range of resources, Webinars and Community sessions available to optimise you and your team and ensure you are managing your operational risk.


Whether your team is already well-adapted to working remotely or this is all brand new for you, there's no doubt that these are challenging times for you and your organisation.

Every business is deeply affected. Even Jinfo, where remote working has been the norm forever, is working hard to adapt and continue to serve customers through this time.

We've launched our Focus on Remote Teams, now running through June, to bring you the following:

  • Curated Jinfo resources on optimising remote information teams:
    We have a deep archive of research-based resources relevant to improving remote work for information teams. All resources are collected here, and new ones are being added throughout the focus period.

  • Targeted tips in Jinfo Webinars:
    Don't have time to read? You're not alone. Three Jinfo Webinars added for April walk you through the elements of remote team success, effective communications and critical operations.

  • Peer group support in Community sessions:
    We all need the support of colleagues at this time. Upcoming Community sessions provide you with a forum to brainstorm, share best practice and relieve the tension with other information managers who get it.

All resources are included in a Jinfo Subscription.

Risk management when working remotely

In the past two weeks, I've spent many hours on the phone with customers to find out how they are coping with the current situation. Many have made the immediate transition relatively smoothly.

Few, however, have taken action to assess the risk of their department operations in the event that a member of the team is unavailable for two weeks or more.

Now is the time to conduct a risk assessment of essential functions that must run continuously.

As a starting point, consider:

  • If a member of your team were unavailable, could you easily see what s/he was working on?
  • Are all needed resources accessible in a shared environment?
  • Are bits and pieces siloed on a hard drive or email inbox?

Need help with assessing and managing your operational risk? Contact us, and start the conversation.

Be well.

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