Robin Neidorf COVID-19: When things get tough, information is gold; Jinfo is here to help
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Monday, 30th March 2020

By Robin Neidorf


In these unprecedented and challenging times where individuals and teams are having to adapt to working from home, now is a good time to draw on Jinfo's wealth of knowledge and expertise in this area. Included are research-based resources, Webinars and Community sessions to help support remote team management and increase efficiency.


"You're already pretty well set up for this, but how's it going at Jinfo?"

That's the message I've received from a number of our customers over the past week.

Yes, it's true: Jinfo has been adapting and mastering remote team work for 15 years.

The few staff members who worked from our physical office have transitioned to working from home, and all our operations, project management, research and interactions with customers and each other are securely cloud-based.

At the same time, we're offering you our expertise on the needs of remote information teams:

  1. Our current Focus on Remote Teams compiles the research-based resources we've developed on optimising information teams, all of which also make remote work more efficient.

  2. Our forthcoming Webinars and Community sessions have been developed with a particular eye on supporting remote team management and risk mitigation for information teams. These include:

Today, tomorrow, next month

Most information teams I speak with are absolutely inundated with new requests and requirements, on a range of topics they've never been asked about before. We don't expect the deluge to abate - it's more likely to surge.

In addition, have you shored up against the risk of team members being unavailable due to illness, of themselves or a family member?

It's early days in this new reality; but Jinfo's here for the long haul. Tap into our expertise on capacity management, productising deliverables, streamlined workflows and prioritisation. It's hard, but it's time. In fact, it's never been more urgent.

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