Aileen Marshall

Aileen is a Knowledge Management Analyst, supporting the USAID Knowledge Services Center. She holds a MA in English Linguistics from the Westfaelische Wilhelms-University (Muenster, Germany), and received her MLIS from the University of South Carolina in 2011.

She worked in federal, public, and correctional libraries. In 2013, she serves as Chair for the SLA Government Information Division, Secretary for the Transportation Division, and DC Chapter Membership Chair. She is passionate about advocating for librarians working as intelligence analysts and has a special interest in intelligence in transportation. Aileen lives with her American Staffordshire Terrier, cat and water turtles in Montgomery County. She can be reached at

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Articles by Aileen Marshall:

Dig Deeper into Social Media Monitoring with Digimind Social
Thursday, 27th February 2014

Social media monitoring products vary considerably in terms of their capabilities in areas such as analysis, reporting and real-time results. Aileen Marshall highlights the best features of Digimind Social.

Product Review of Digimind Social: Executive Summary
Wednesday, 26th February 2014

Social media monitoring product Digimind Social monitors content in real time and adds a powerful analytical layer. In this executive summary Aileen Marshall outlines the value offered, unique software functionality - including the ability to respond to social media comments from within the Digimind Software - and key content and analysis options.

Product Review of Digimind Social: Special Software Functionality, Pricing, Help & Contact Details
Monday, 24th February 2014

In the final part of her review of Digimind Social, a social media monitoring product that allows customers to discover and analyse trends in real time, Aileen Marshall looks at the special software functionality - including pricing and integration with social media, pricing, help options and the company's contact information.

Product Review of Digimind Social: Search Options, Alerts & User Interface
Thursday, 20th February 2014

Search options, alerts & the user interface are scrutinised by Aileen Marshall in the third part of her review of Digimind Social. Filters available during the search process are extensive, ranging from brands to time, features, sentiment and country. Generating reports can be easily accomplished with outputs in various formats.

Product Review of Digimind Social: Sources, Content, Analysis & Display Options
Wednesday, 19th February 2014

Digimind Social covers over 200 countries and over 40 languages for all social media monitoring analysis, benchmarking and mentions features. Sentiment analysis is available for 12 languages. In the second part of her review Aileen Marshall finds the unique "potential audience" feature allows analysts to more accurately identify which media has the biggest impact on which market.

Reports by Aileen Marshall:

FreePint Report: Product Review of Digimind Social
Wednesday, 26th February 2014

Digimind Social is a social media monitoring and analysis platform which lets marketers and analysts discover and analyse trends in real time. Suitabl...

FreePint Report: Product Review of Leadership Companies Premium
Monday, 19th August 2013

Leadership Companies Premium is a robust online interactive directory of senior-level executives from the largest US and worldwide companies, and seco...

FreePint Report: Product Review of ReportLinker
Tuesday, 9th April 2013

In her review of ReportLinker, Aileen Marshall explores the myriad of industry, company and country reports available for around 200 countries and 350...

FreePint Report: Monitoring and Mining Social Media and News
Wednesday, 29th August 2012

The rise of Web 2.0 has opened virtual gold mines of new forms of data that can be mined and analysed for an organisation"s purposes. The days when al...