Aileen Marshall Dig Deeper into Social Media Monitoring with Digimind Social
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Thursday, 27th February 2014

By Aileen Marshall


Social media monitoring products vary considerably in terms of their capabilities in areas such as analysis, reporting and real-time results. Aileen Marshall highlights the best features of Digimind Social.


It's All About Perception!

How do people view your products? Do they like your marketing campaigns? Is your brand trending on the internet, or are your competitors leaving you in the dust?

Digimind Social could help you to:

  • Analyse efficiently by creating and saving searches that can be used later with new real-time data

  • Reduce risk by assessing what customers are looking for (on the internet), how they perceive marketing campaigns and thus the trustworthiness of companies, brands or products; what they rave or complain about; how they compare brands and what they favour

  • Forecast impending crises and change the course of the marketing

  • Create visual reports directly from your dashboards, either using pre-existing templates or making your own.

Does Your Brand Enjoy Top Reputation?

What is going on inside the heads of consumers online?

Digimind Social's unique Top Reputation feature allows users to:

  • Quickly understand the first building blocks of their online reputation
  • Go beyond simple social media looks
  • Display results, concepts, and domains that are pertinent to discussions
  • Spot emerging trends by looking at how searches and results vary over time.


Digimind Social is integrated, meaning that users engage with their audience from directly within the dashboard.

Users can reply to tweets or comment on articles using their corporate corresponding social media account.

It's Not Just About Facebook and Twitter

There's more to the internet and customer perception than these two well-known social media outlets. Digimind Social covers a broad variety of public sources online for every country and language represented.

There are two different types of sources that users can filter by:

  • Media type: describes the type of platform that the data is drawn from (such as Facebook, Twitter, forums, news, blogs, video, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Instagram)

  • Sources: lists the exact source of the data that is being displayed (e.g.,, etc.)

Dig Deeper with the Five Ws

For an holistic overview, look at what people have been talking about most recently in relation to the term the analyst chooses; when mentions about your brand/product have peaked; where people talked about you (on which media type or in which geographical location); who are the biggest influencers that are talking about you; and how people are mentioning you (positive or negative sentiment).

Report your findings
Create visually appealing reports right from your dashboards using pre-existing or custom templates. Or download the data to manipulate it further.

Full Review

Digimind Social has a host of interesting features. The full FreePint Report: Product Review of Digimind Social is now available to those with a FreePint Subscription.

Articles in series:

Full report (PDF) contains all of the above content, in a convenient package for reference and sharing:

Editor's Note: Next-Gen Competitive Intelligence

Readers interested in this review may wish to look out for FreePint's upcoming Topic Series: Next-Gen Competitive Intelligence which will emphasise product reviews, but also include case studies and expert tips on making the most of evolving technology to conduct competitive intelligence. Dates are to be decided but publication will be in 2014.

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