Robin Neidorf Research update - what's your focus in 2021?
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Thursday, 7th January 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Embark on the new year with Jinfo’s wide range of helpful resources designed to enhance your information strategy, value and visibility.


A fresh new year is before us. What opportunities in information strategy for the coming year are you excited about? What challenges are bothering you?

Complete our two-question survey on your focus, plans and concerns for 2021.

Among the topics mentioned by respondents to date:

  • Linking information services to strategic functions like sales
  • Coping with – and leveraging – the acceleration of technology adoption
  • Changes in user behaviour and requirements
  • Motivating information team members in new directions.

Add your voice to the mix, and help Jinfo shape our research and resource development for 2021.

What's coming into Focus?

The feedback we've gotten on our Focus on Value Chain, first released in 2020, has been tremendous. Jinfo customers have used our research-based framework to:

  • Define the value of information in the context of what the business is trying to achieve
  • Create data-driven approaches to measuring, reporting and improving value
  • Strengthen negotiations with vendors and communication with stakeholders.

We're delighted to have helped a number of information teams make the case for adding a Consulting Pilot on Value Chain to their 2021 budgets.

Those projects are kicking off now, and we have limited capacity to add more this quarter. Complete the form if you'd like to explore this option.

We have two additional Focus projects kicking off in 2021, starting with the Focus on Content Portfolio, designed to help you manage external content as an investment portfolio rather than a collection of contracts.

Work on your own with the resources provided in your Jinfo Subscription or fast-track your progress through Jinfo Consulting.

Jinfo is your partner for practical, research-driven approaches to enhancing information strategy, value and visibility – no matter what the future brings.

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