Robin Neidorf Research update - bridging the gap between buyers and suppliers
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Thursday, 25th March 2021

By Robin Neidorf


One of Jinfo’s key roles is to act as a bridge between buyers and suppliers of information. To help inform these discussions, take part in our survey on empowering end-users. 


One of the unique ways Jinfo serves the information industry is as a bridge between buyers and suppliers of information products and services on goals, requirements and limitations.

Complete our Jinfo Survey on "Empowering end-users of information products" and you'll be part of a timely example of how we play this role.

As I reviewed early results, I found one overwhelming comment about what buyers want from suppliers:

"Quit contacting end-users directly; go through the information team."

When I shared this titbit of information with a supplier we often work with, they were baffled, and asked:

"How are we supposed to help users understand what they can do with the product?"

This difference of perspective is a perfect example of where we need to foster closer partnership – real partnership – between buyers and suppliers.

In April, we are running a Community session entitled, Negotiation clinic - role-play and Q&A, offering practical examples of the kinds of concerns that can come up in contract negotiation and how to cope with them.

Jinfo's Community sessions are another unique way that we bridge the gaps between buyers and suppliers. Their real-time dialogue is a low-risk, direct way for each side to hear about the other's challenges, perspectives and goals.

Information professionals and suppliers all want the same outcome:

  • A thriving information economy
  • End-users who turn to high-quality information products
  • Stakeholders who are ready to invest in information.

Jinfo creates the bridge between differing expectations and the best way to achieve those goals.

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