Robin Neidorf Research update - one process, three new tangible benefits
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Thursday, 22nd July 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Prepare for 2022 by analysing your Value Chain - it’s not too early.


We're crossing the finish line with one client who has been working on analysis based on the Focus on Value Chain since January, with an aim to strengthen negotiations for content products.

As she kicks off negotiations for her biggest contracts for 2022 this summer, she is armed with:

  • The right data reflecting how these products drive value (not just usage) in key parts of the business
  • Specific examples of where the suppliers are currently falling short of user requirements for value
  • Real-world use-cases to share with suppliers so that they can truly partner on improved solutions.

Not to mention the significant boost in confidence that comes from knowing your business inside and out.

By pacing the work with Jinfo every few weeks over a period of six months, this client is transforming key relationships on HER organisation's terms of value.

If you've got a 2022 challenge on your mind, it's not too early to analyse the Value Chain and achieve your own transformation. Dig into the steps outlined in the Focus on Value Chain, or fast-track your process with Consulting on Value Chain.

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