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Wednesday, 15th September 2021

By Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi


Evolving as an Information Centre of Excellence requires new thinking and strategy, not just more people to do the work. Jinfo’s clear step-by-step visioning and planning process helps you describe the future and identify the qualities, characteristics and skills required to get there.


We've noticed a trend in queries from Jinfo clients about their efforts to recruit new staff. Where questions once were primarily of the "Who do you know?" sort, lately we've been fielding more questions about "What should we be hiring for?".

A case in point is a long-term client who has (finally) secured provisional executive support to add headcount. The current team of two supports a customer base burgeoning through acquisitions.

They know that simply adding more hours to their department capacity is not the solution. Instead, they need to take this opportunity to think strategically about what the future of their service should look like, and then identify the qualities, characteristics and skills required.

Visit the Focus on Centre of Excellence for an overview of the process they will be using. Detailed guidance on each step is provided in an article and supporting recorded webinar.

This particular client will focus on these:

  • Step one - map your services to the model will enable them to imagine what maximum value looks like for their organisation

  • Step two - create your Pillars of Service will give them a framework for rethinking their services from their customers' perspective

  • Step four - assess your team's characteristics will help them observe their strengths and weaknesses and consider how to grow the team strategically.

Many teams are already running these activities very effectively on their own.

But we're always here to help – and with our independent view and industry-wide experience, our analysts often highlight things that are hard to spot from the inside.

Consider Consulting on Centre of Excellence to strengthen and streamline your strategic planning.

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