Robin Neidorf Is your content advisory board primed for strategy in 2022?
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Thursday, 7th October 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Have you started formulating strategy for 2022 yet? If you’re to shift stakeholder perception and develop action plans, that needs to happen this autumn. Jinfo’s Consulting on Value Chain provides the tools to be recognised as critical strategic partners.


When information teams that support R&D tell me they work with a content advisory board, I get excited. Those are the teams that are best positioned to be recognised as critical strategic partners in driving value in the business.

The reason for this is simple: Value Chain analysis of how information affects outcomes for digital R&D is measurable, clear to stakeholders and relatively easy to conduct.

Content advisory boards are the ideal platform through which information teams can apply Value Chain analysis to:

  • Shift stakeholder perception – and discussion – of information from a cost to a strategic asset
  • Develop action plans for portfolio management and service delivery that tie information to R&D outcomes in measurable ways
  • Get in front of planning for future information needs, significant changes like acquisitions, and inevitable adjustments the business makes in response to changing conditions.

Through Consulting on Value Chain, we're kicking off projects with two Jinfo clients who have ambitions for more strategic conversations with their advisory boards in 2022. Both have their next board meetings scheduled for February 2022. They're priming for strategy by:

  • Articulating the discussions their boards need to have in September 2022
  • Simplifying their Value Chain analyses for easy, regular reinforcement with this key group of senior stakeholders
  • Planning activities and identifying key performance indicators for evolving their advisory boards over the coming months.

Come February, they'll launch the year's advisory board activities with focus, confidence and a strategy they own and drive forward.

We'd love to talk to you about using Value Chain analysis to prime your content advisory board for strategy in 2022 – or whenever your next planning cycle starts. Contact me at or enquire today.

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