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Monday, 11th October 2021

By Stephen Phillips


For many organisations settling into a post-pandemic operating environment, risk management is top of the agenda. Content licensing teams need to make the case for how information contributes to risk management. If you’re looking to influence these key internal discussions, Consulting on Content Portfolio could be the answer.


During the September Community session in our Focus on Content Portfolio, we polled attendees on the relevance in their organisations of the most common points of value: efficiency, innovation, generating revenue, risk management, transparency and smarter decisions.

We weren't expecting "risk management" to emerge as most relevant.

But on further reflection, this result should have been no surprise. As organisations settle into the post-pandemic operating environment, risk management dominates many discussions and decisions.

Consider all the perceived threats – cyber, environmental, supply chain, social, regulatory and operational – and the many information sources that could contribute to managing them.

As always, content licensing teams aspire to measure and strengthen the ROI of third-party information value. When the organisation is focused on risk management, this means analysing:

  • The different processes in place to manage different types of risk
  • Where and how external information contributes to the successes of those processes
  • What core principles are consistent across different types of risk management.

By doing so, you seed a different type of internal conversation about risk management altogether. You are able to establish consistency for work that is often fragmented across a number of teams and departments, with little or no coordination for what information is needed or how it's used.

If you're ready to influence those internal conversations while developing metrics for the ROI of risk-related information, talk to us about Consulting on Content Portfolio. We can help you strengthen and communicate your content strategy, whilst advancing a critical corporate conversation.

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