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Tuesday, 11th January 2022

By Robin Neidorf


Two simple actions can help you make progress with information strategy in 2022: getting started and keeping going. Information managers we know are ready to share seemingly small changes that make a difference. Jinfo currently has a full slate of clients engaged in this work, but we’re looking ahead – can you do more to help yourself make 2022 a success?


Commit to the following two activities to make progress on your information strategy, regardless of the challenges arising from capacity management, stakeholder perceptions, budget cuts and pandemics:

  1. Get started
  2. Keep going.

We know it's not easy, so that's why this month's Jinfo Community session is where information managers will share the seemingly small changes they have made to be able to "get started" and "keep going":

"Build your information strategy – get started, keep going" (20th January 2022)

In fact, Jinfo's full roster of client engagement work for this quarter includes a real mix of "get started" and "keep going" – both new and returning clients taking the next right step to advance their information strategies: 

  • Eight engagements focused on Value Chain analysis – our process for making visible and measurable the impact of information products, services and expertise on business outcomes

  • Seven engagements strengthening strategic Content Portfolio management – mastering the management of content licensing to deliver and enhance ROI

  • Five engagements involving work to evolve as a Centre of Excellence – defining the optimal balance of strategy, information expertise and end-user enablement.

Our announcement in late 2021 to work exclusively with clients on information strategy was our own "get started" moment – an active shift from "business as usual" towards realising a new strategic vision. 

From that start, we've filled our capacity for client work through March. I invite you to talk to us if you would like to work with Jinfo on your information strategy from April.

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