Stephen Phillips Lively discussion and tips on information strategy – 'get started, keep going'
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27th January 2022

By Stephen Phillips


How do you keep strategy top-of-mind? This month's Jinfo Community session saw three information teams share tips on how they 'get started and keep going' on information strategy. By speaking to us, you can take the first step in helping you build momentum.


In last week's Jinfo Community session, a lively group of 23 information managers heard and discussed the experiences shared by three different information teams on the theme of 'get started, keep going' with information strategy.

Here are just a few of the best tips from the session:

  1. Keep strategic projects top-of-mind by putting them on every agenda
  2. Schedule 'strategic thinking' time in your diary every week, even if it can feel awkward at first
  3. You have permission to say "no" to things that don't fit your strategy
  4. Build information strategy into team objectives and your meeting agendas.

The resounding messages throughout the discussion were that small actions make a big difference, and that you can trust your own expertise – even when it feels uncomfortable.

If your organisation is a Jinfo client, you can access the anonymised notes from the session, and register to join next month's session on stakeholder engagement.

Momentum is exciting. Even small steps build up over time.

We help Jinfo clients get started with our research and methods, and then keep going with the structure and accountability that comes with our dedicated attention.

Start to build your own momentum. Speak to me about becoming a client.

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