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3rd May 2023

By Stephen Phillips


Check out our new vendor management template and contribute to our latest survey on the provision of news and current awareness services.  Come along to our next Community session to discuss the impact of AI and get some great tips for managing up from our April session.


Vendor management template

Hot off the press is our brand new “Vendor management template”, a unique resource that enables you to better manage vendors and hold them to account.

This tool joins our recently-published “Vendor negotiation checklist”, which one user immediately emailed us to say:

“This checklist is awesome!”

Both of these tools are available through your Jinfo Subscription, and we welcome your feedback too.


News and current awareness survey

We’ve been running the survey since 2007, and once again you can benchmark your news and current awareness provision, and re-evaluate your goals, procedures and tools.

Contribute to the survey and receive a free summary of the results, whether you have a Subscription or not.

We will discuss the preliminary results of the survey in our June Community session (20th June). Save the date.


Artificial Intelligence

This month’s Jinfo Community session is “Impact of artificial intelligence” (23rd May) when we will kick off the discussion on the impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on the information industry

The technology certainly has potential, but it is not without its challenges. Accuracy, bias, ethics, privacy and intellectual property rights immediately spring to mind.  

Given all the hype, how can information leaders urge caution to colleagues without appearing technophobic or obstructive?  

Register now and join us on May 23rd.


Top tips for managing up

Finally, we learned some great tips from last month’s Community session, about the critical skill of establishing and maintaining a positive working relationship with your manager, for example:

  • understand the boundaries and dynamics of the management relationship
  • enable your manager to understand your business and do an elevator pitch
  • it may be better to consider an exit.

Catch up on all the great advice in the article “Top tips for managing up”.


As always, please do contact me if you’d like to discuss the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription or how Jinfo Consulting can support your own challenges with vendor management, news and current awareness, or AI.

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