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Friday, 7th July 2017

By Robin Neidorf


Use our benchmarking research as your platform for optimising and future-proofing your information service.


How does your information service compare with the industry overall and best practices for optimisation?

Now you can find out: Jinfo's new Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - optimise your structure", runs from July - September. 

Start with the "Insights and Actions" report, which explains the top findings of our research and provides a thematic guide to all resources produced as part of the Research Focus. Request your free copy here.

Subscriber-only insights: unique benchmarking research

A Jinfo Subscription provides you with access to our content: articles, reports and webinars, including our unique benchmarking research, an industry must-read.

Dig into the details of our benchmarking research, to understand how efficient your service is, the different structures we've identified, and how the best information services measure success.

Our full report on our benchmarking research offers a comprehensive overview of the variables that contribute to successful services well-positioned for the future.


Webinars in this Research Focus provide Subscribers with at-your-desk opportunities to examine aspects of the research in greater detail. Listen live or catch-up at your convenience.

  • July: Maximising the strengths and minimising the weaknesses of organisational structure
  • August: A look at the data for benchmarking your information service
  • September: Future-proof your service by refocusing on higher-value work.


Get access to all our articles, reports and webinars, when you order a Jinfo Subscription today - from just £800/US$1,050.

Our benchmarking research alone justifies the fee, offering a unique insight into information centres, our model of best practice for information centre set-ups, and how you can future-proof your service. Use our research to lay the foundation for optimised services, strategic planning and a thriving future.


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