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Friday, 28th September 2018

By Sophie Alexander


How does PharmaCircle Business Class Elite (BCE) fare for those seeking information on companies in the biopharmaceutical space, with its global coverage of business, research, development, regulatory and formulation science? Get a feel for BCE in this blog about our latest review.


PharmaCircle specialises in providing comprehensive product and business-related information to companies in the biopharmaceutical space.

Jinfo has published several product reviews over the past few years highlighting its portfolio of products, and our most recent "Product review of PharmaCircle Business Class Elite" (Subscription content) showcases this online platform. It offers continuously updated information on products and pipeline programmes, public and private companies, and global clinical trial records.

Used by clients including the top 20 pharmaceutical companies, it offers quick access to relevant, validated and updated content, with every record undergoing multiple rigorous quality check processes. 

Extensive global coverage

Reviewer Ashish Shukla is an independent consultant to the biopharmaceutical industry with over six years of experience in market research and competitive intelligence. He holds an MSc in life sciences and a PhD in cancer biology.

He points out that the Business Class Elite product, "has been specially designed and developed for large corporations... and provides complete coverage in the US, the EU, and Japan and extensive coverage in Canada and other regions".


Find out more

PharmaCircle Business Class Elite (BCE) is used by pharma executives involved in diverse functions, like competitive intelligence, product strategy, pipeline and portfolio planning, medical affairs, business information management, regulatory affairs, and strategic initiatives.

Read the review to find out more about the platform's technology, value, key advantages, development plans and well-designed apps. If you have a Jinfo Subscription you can log in now to read the "Product review of PharmaCircle Business Class Elite".

If you don't have a Jinfo Subscription but would like to read this product review plus original research, expert articles, and attend our events, find out how to purchase your Subscription here.

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