Robin Neidorf Research update - What happens if...? Take action on risk assessment
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Thursday, 28th May 2020

By Robin Neidorf


Find out why risk assessments are so important to your organisation by delving into Jinfo's vast range of resources on this topic, including articles, webinars and consulting assessments.


No one needs insurance until they need insurance.

Risk assessment is the same. And for information teams, now is the time to invest in those policies.

But where to begin?

We've developed a set of resources on risk management that break a big topic down into manageable chunks:

  • Articles that include practical worksheets, which shape and guide your thinking to ask the right questions in the right order, and then develop an analysis unique to your environment

  • Webinars that in 30 minutes give an efficient tutorial on completing the worksheets and thinking about what contributes to risk in each of these areas

  • Consulting assessments to provide the context you need to truly evaluate what can be improved and how to prioritise.

Get started now by reading the articles, attending Webinars (and viewing recordings) and find out more about Consulting Assessments.

And whilst you're there, register to join our June Community session to discuss turning business disruption into proof-points of the value of information products, services and expertise, Information has never been more visible or valuable: is this our opportunity?

We all have difficulty viewing our own world dispassionately, and we've seen every variation of information team, service and resources you can think of.

Assessed risk is manageable risk. You'll always be glad you have insurance.

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