Robin Neidorf Research update - Stop and assess your risks - practical resources for information risk
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Thursday, 14th May 2020

By Robin Neidorf


In these challenging times where information is more visible than ever, the need to assess your risk becomes ever more pressing. Jinfo can provide you with the practical tools and guidance to help you manage these information-related risks.


We are living and working through interesting times in which information has never been more visible or valuable.

And, at the same time, everything is at risk.

Jinfo's resources to help you assess - and then address - information-related risks provide you with the practical tools and guidance to reduce what could be daunting work into manageable pieces.


Start assessing your risk

Jinfo has made it easy to get started assessing your risks. We have produced a number of materials to break down what could be daunting into manageable pieces.

For each topic, you'll find an article with a practical worksheet. We then also have a short Webinar, in which an analyst walks through the worksheet and provides a forum for you to ask questions:

  • Information service quality - Article and Webinar (19th May)
  • Information team management - Article and Webinar (20th May)
  • Information licensing [coming soon]
  • Information value [coming soon].

If you can't make the Webinar sessions live, they are recorded for future reference.

Assessing your risks is not a cookie-cutter process, however. You need to balance urgent needs with long-term value and strategy.

Our Community session, "Assessing risks of staff and services - What's strategic? What's healthy?" (26th May) provides a confidential, peer-group forum in which you can explore these bigger questions, to take a longer-term view on assessing and then managing risks.


Save time and gain perspective - Jinfo Consulting

It can be hard to make time for assessment, as well as to get perspective on your own environment.

Jinfo Consulting's assessment offering tailor's our research-based industry-wide experience on the risks, opportunities and unique challenges of information teams to your world.

These are unpredictable times. A clear-eyed assessment of where you stand goes a long way towards giving you greater confidence, not to mention stability and sustainability. Let us know how we can help.

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