Robin Neidorf Research update - Think about - and act on - information risk assessment
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Thursday, 11th June 2020

By Robin Neidorf


Taking time to think and exchange ideas about the challenges of business information is an important way to support your organisation so why not sign up for Jinfo's next Community session and give yourself this valuable time to think. 


If I could wave a wand and grant the wishes of every information manager out there, this would be the thing I would most often bestow:

Time to think.

When we designed the resources in the current Focus on Risk Assessment, we aimed for "less is more". We also took into account the fact that everyone absorbs information differently.

From that page you'll find:

  • Articles containing practical worksheets to guide you through conducting risk assessments on various parts of your operations
  • 30 minute Webinars that walk you through the details of how to complete the worksheets (recordings of previous sessions available)
  • Community sessions in which you can exchange ideas with peers and with our analyst on barriers you encounter and solutions to common problems.

Following the recent Community session, Assessing risks of staff and services - What's strategic? What's healthy? participating information managers came away with practical next steps and, in the words of one participant, "... ideas to proudly steal from peers ..." on risks associated with service quality and managing their teams.

None of them had found the time (yet) to complete the worksheets. But the session offered that most valuable of commodities: time to think. And that was enough to move them forward.

Sound appealing? Register for the next Community session, scheduled for 18th June (available through your Jinfo Subscription):

We are operating through a strange period of time.

Taking the time to think, and to exchange ideas about our unique niche of the business world with others who understand the specific challenges of business information, might be the most important thing you do to support your organisation, now and into the future.

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