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Thursday, 24th September 2020

By Robin Neidorf


With all the pressures this year, you're probably having to prioritise your time more than ever. Our prioritisation worksheet can help you justify the time and effort needed for value chain analysis.


"It's never been more urgent to connect information to value, but how do I justify the time and effort needed for value chain analysis?"

Our prioritisation worksheet (which you can download from this page) helps you quantify and validate the ROI of value chain analysis.

We developed the worksheet for Jinfo's Conversation on Value Chain, run earlier in September. Dozens of information professionals joined these real-time interactive discussions, including examples of value chain analysis and even a bit of time to practise the process.

Responding to today's urgent needs

In the pressures of 2020, with another planning and budget cycle looming, no one has time or mental energy for anything other than the most urgent needs.

To help you create an actionable plan in the shortest amount of time, we've designed a Consulting Pilot on Value Chain. Complete a Consulting Pilot in as little as three weeks to address the most critical needs teams face today:

  • Reduce budget without undermining the business
  • Ensure staff time is spent on the most valuable activities and services
  • Squeeze even more value from what you are spending and doing.

It all starts from this page: Learn more about a Consulting Pilot, complete the worksheet, and then contact us to get started.

Who needs information expertise? Every business. And now we can measure it.

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