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Thursday, 5th November 2020

By Robin Neidorf


Jinfo's Consulting Pilot on Value Chain is helping its customers negotiate better and manage risk. Find out how we can also help you with strategy and team goals for the coming year.


I'm excited that we're kicking off Consulting Pilot on Value Chain projects with three customers, each with different goals:

  • Regain control in tricky negotiations: One client is using their pilot to analyse value in partnership with internal stakeholders, so that they can regain control of a couple of tricky contract negotiations for information products.

  • Align with risk management: A second client is focused on the value chain for risk management, a strategic goal for the business in 2021. They'll use their results to re-balance their services – and internal communications – to deliver top value in the new year.

  • Valuable end-user empowerment: A third client's interest is in completing a shift from providing traditional information services to better empowering end users. To do so effectively, they need to analyse the user's own value chain, and then design information access and training around it.

Consider your own pilot project

Our focused pilot gets you started with the fundamentals of value chain analysis to support:

  • Developing strategy, workplans and team goals for the coming year
  • Aligning with changes in business strategy and goals
  • Team engagement and development in a year in which business travel is likely to continue to be minimal.

Contact us about your own "Consulting Pilot on Value Chain" and let 2021 be the year you resolve the challenge of demonstrating value.

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