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Every information team faces disruptions. Risk assessment to gauge the ability of your services, team, portfolio and overall value to withstand stress is a required process for a healthy department.

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Risk assessment on information licensing

Licensing third-party information comes with risks relating to access, security, accuracy and cost. Assess these risks so that you can prioritise how to address them

Risk assessment on information service quality

Whilst your business may be running smoothly now, have you considered what would happen if an unexpected event interrupted your ability to provide a continuous, high-quality service? This article looks at some of the challenges that could arise along with a practical worksheet you can use to address them.

Risk assessment on information team management

To enable you to address the long-term risks of managing your information team, we have developed a worksheet to help you analyse and improve the key components of team management including, communication, collaboration, culture and accountability.

Risk assessment on information value

Information teams are fully aware of their value but knowing how to communicate it to the organisation is key to bridging the gap between perception and value and reducing risk. This article helps you assess that risk and includes a worksheet to help you document your current value foundations.

Need guidance? Recorded Webinars

Our recorded Webinars walk you through how to complete these activities

What are other information teams doing? Community dialogue

During online Community sessions, information professionals exchanged ideas about how to complete their risk assessments and what to do next. Notes from the sessions (anonymised) are available

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