Robin Neidorf Research update - start with scorecards - adapt and adopt, for far-reaching benefit
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Thursday, 22nd April 2021

By Robin Neidorf


By popular demand, Jinfo has introduced to its Focus on Content Portfolio a methodology to design your own scorecards. Use scorecards to support stronger negotiations, better stakeholder communication and improved comparisons across vendors/products.


I'm excited to announce the addition of scorecards to our Focus on Content Portfolio.

Creating scorecards enables you to have:

  • Smoother vendor relations and negotiations
  • Easier product comparisons
  • Clearer communications with internal stakeholders.

Much-requested by Jinfo customers, our methodology gives you activity-based articles, how-to Webinars, and peer group dialogue:

Check out scorecards here

Scorecards are the latest output from our extensive work with information teams on identifying their common pain points, strengths and weaknesses.

For example, we're currently working (separately) with two central banks, both of which have the same pain point in their licensing work: the increasing administrative burdens of managing their portfolios.

With our guidance and feedback, one is turning towards technology support and the other is taking a hard look at operations and workflow optimisation.

To explore the combination of process, tools, and know-how to address your team's pain points, check out our Consulting on Content Portfolio, which includes a free self-assessment worksheet.

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