Robin Neidorf Research update - one step at a time towards developing scorecards
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Thursday, 20th May 2021

By Robin Neidorf


Scorecards offer a powerful way to measure and compare products, vendors and portfolio value. Jinfo's Scorecards are just one of the offerings from our Focus on Content Portfolio. Find out how they can help you improve your value and visibility in your organisation.


If you're responsible for content licensing, scorecards offer you a powerful method for measuring, comparing, and discussing the value of products and suppliers.

Step one in the process is, not surprisingly, setting goals and priorities. There's no better time to use your Jinfo Subscription to start with:

Then, whether you're feeling stuck, inspired or just plain curious, join your peers in the Community session on 25th May, Scorecards - how information teams are designing and using them.

As with everything else we do, scorecards are intended to help you become more strategic, influential, confident and agile, even as the pace of change accelerates, sometimes by the day.

But scorecards make up only one small part of our Focus on Content Portfolio, itself one of three Focus areas aimed at improving your value and visibility in your organisation. For assistance on how our Focus areas align with your unique needs, please contact us today.

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