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Monday, 23rd March 2015

By Robin Neidorf


The recent webinar "What We Learned About 'News, and Beyond'" shed light on three key findings from FreePint's recent Topic Series and research into news for research and current awareness. This blog item highlights those main findings and suggests some next steps for supporting strategic news planning through 2015.


Did you miss our webinar, "What We Learned About 'News, and Beyond'"? We've summarised the three key findings, as well as our observations about how information managers are adapting in this article.

Find out more about the main findings:

  1. Suppliers are putting up prices

  2. Market fundamentals and our assumptions about sourcing news content have changed

  3. Buying organisations are moving from asking "What?" to "Why?" about news content.

For each of our headlines, we provide commentary on how we see this change affecting both buyers and suppliers in the marketplace. We also share more detail on how we see information managers responding to these changes and offer a few practical questions to support your strategic planning through 2015, such as:

  • Can you document your supplier(s) product roadmap, including the shift in value the supplier is building into its vision?
  • Do you fully understand all the options available to you for sourcing and delivering news content in this changed world? 
  • Which stakeholders in your organisation are ready to think harder about the "why" - the objectives of providing news content to workers, at any price point?

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