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Thursday, 17th March 2016

By Graham Southorn


Our product review of PatSeer Premier involved thorough scrutiny of sources, technology and value. Find out what we thought of this global patents database.


Innovation is on the rise in Asia. Of the world's most frequently cited research papers in science and engineering, increasing numbers include an author from China and we're starting to see more authors from India too.

If some of this research translates into published patents, it'll be even more important for patent databases to have decent coverage of the continent.

And that's where PatSeer Premier, the focus of the latest Jinfo product review, may have the edge over its rivals.

Global Coverage

PatSeer Premier was launched in 2012 by Gridlogics - a provider which, alone among its competitors, is based in India. PatSeer is a global patent database covering more than 102 authorities, with 26 countries in full text and 10 languages translated into searchable English.

Another attraction is flexible pricing. PatSeer Premier is available on a quarterly or annual subscription, but the cut-down PatSeer Lite can be accessed on a daily or monthly basis. It has the same global coverage as Premier.

Projects and Searches

What PatSeer Lite lacks is the more advanced Projects facility, which enables you to share your research by email. As our reviewer Scott Vine explains, "The Projects function in PatSeer is a good way to collate sets of records for either further analysis or sharing with others. You can also import records from Excel files or Journals into a project."

In addition, searches can be combined. "I find this especially useful when trying to find either what records two or more searches have in common or which unique records appear in one search but not another," writes Scott.

PatSeer Premier is up against plenty of competition from major players in the US and Europe. On Jinfo we've previously brought you in-depth reviews of Innography, PatBase, LexisNexis TotalPatent, Questel ORBIT IP, PatentAdvisor and Thomson Innovation.

Find Out More

However, Gridlogics looks well prepared for the long haul. It plans to expand its full text coverage to 28 full text authorities and pledges to implement new features suggested by users. As Scott writes, "The platform they've used means that they can roll out improvements and enhancements quickly and easily and there is a strong sense of reacting to feedback effectively."

For the full review, including more details on pricing, search functions and analytical tools, read the full Product Review of PatSeer Premier.

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